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2010 04 15 hello world

At first, wtfjs was a silly little thought experiment. Almost like a solution log except documenting potential traps instead of, ya know, actual solutions! I set the whole thing up in 10 minutes w/ Tumblr and the help of GitHub Gists. This served well enough to get things started but, as always, there was room for improvement. The rss feed didn't show the code samples. Hosting a site about JavaScript should probably be written in JavaScript. For purity. And science.

Anyhow, welcome to the new blog. Here's the score:

Sure, there were a few wtf's along the way. Heroku literally just squeezed NodeJS hosting a few short weeks ago and it is not without a couple of occasional rough edges.

The bonus of this reauthor is also an improved workflow for contribution. Fork the repo. Add your post in the posts folder. Send me a pull request. Easy.

what did I learn?

  • Package management in serverside js land is still a total fuck up.
  • Heroku and Express have awesome communities; whenever I had a question folks really helped.
  • jsftw! The future is here. This code blog can be forked and deployed live in literally one minute.

Have fun! - brianleroux

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