created by Brian LeRoux & Andrew Lunny. sparodically uncurated by David Trejo.

2010 04 16 contributing to wtfjs

You can either fix up the wtfs here or help broadcast wtfs to the rest of the world!

contributing an article

Fork the source on GitHub and then add your post to the posts/ folder. The title has to be of the format:

The post itself is markdown. Code blocks go into a code element. Its assumed any code is JavaScript (and subsequently syntax highlighted as such) but you can specify other language types. You might have to grab extra language files. Thats it.

contributing code

Maybe you found a bug or something is driving you crazy. Perhaps you want to give back. Theres always something TODO and I've littered a few FIXME's around for the adventurous.

either way

Fork it. Send a pull request. Don't forget to add yourself as a committer to the /about page.

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