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2010 09 16 eval changes

eval() is a mysterious function. More so than people believe, hell, its spec isn't even clear. And so i present... The two stages of eval denial.

Try out these functions with [foo("foo=2"),foo] and take that path with me.

Tested on chrome, firefox, opera, and safari.

Apparently eval is evil.

Doesn't seem so evil.

    function foo(x){var foo=1;eval(x);return foo;};

    //[2,function foo(x){var foo=1;eval(x);return foo;}]

Apparently assigning eval to a variable changes how it acts. WTF.

...Ok I can deal with that I guess.

    function foo(x){var foo=1, bar=eval;bar(x);return foo;};

    //and just returning it, not saving it

    function foo(x){var foo=1;(function(){return eval})(x);return foo;};

    //[1, 2]
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