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2012 05 07 Numbers and dots

A JavaScript syntax oddity with Numbers and Dots:

    // Ok, you may have seen wrapping a number literal with parens to call Number methods
    (42).toFixed(2); // "42.00"

    // And it is understandable that without parens you get a syntax error
    42.toFixed(2); // SyntaxError: identifier starts immediately after numeric literal

    // But numbers with decimals work fine without parens (WTF?)
    42.888.toFixed(2); // "42.89"

    // And whole numbers with two dots work as well (WTF?)
    42..toFixed(2); // "42.00"

    // Hey, so what about 3 dots!? Firefox gives XML-related error (WTF?)
    42...toFixed(2); // TypeError: XML descendants internal method called on incompatible Number

kensnyder via @ryanflorence

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